Minnesota Youth Jazz Band
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There is a $475 annual fee for participation in the Minnesota Youth Jazz Bands. The annual fee for the Mid Level Honor Jazz Band is $200, and the North Metro Honor Jazz Band is $175. This fee is used to cover part of the costs of organizing and maintaining the bands. Private contributions of time and money from individuals and businesses will cover the remaining costs. There may be modest additional fees that arise during the year (for social gatherings, T-shirts, etc).

No musician will be turned away because of financial need. If you would like information on scholarships, please contact us.

Musicians must supply their own instrument in good repair, as well as whatever peripheral equipment (reeds, mutes, sticks, etc.) that instrument requires. Exceptions: there will be a piano, drum set, and bass and guitar amps provided at the rehearsal site.

Also, each musician must own a metronome and a chromatic tuner. There are many excellent low-cost brands to choose from, such as the Sabine MT9000, which is a small tuner and metronome combined for around $35.




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